The School That Saved My Son

Playing cards in the Circle Room.

My son is funny and witty and full of life- and information. At not quite sixteen, he has started pondering what he wants to do with his life. But things weren’t always this good. Three years ago, Simon was almost immobilized by migraines, crushed by depression, harassed [...]


One day last week I made my way up the stairs to record my arrival on the attendance sign-in sheet. At the landing, one of our youngest boys looked me in the eye, holding up two quarters. “Hey, Mark, I’ve got to go downstairs and pay my attendance fine!” (At Fairhaven, people who forget [...]

Snow Day

Like their counterparts at other schools, Fairhaven’s students get excited when it snows. Here the similarity ends, for our students can act on their excitement and go outside! So it was this week.

After one snow day at home, Fairhaveners returned, many with snow suits, gloves and sleds. The boy with the orange [...]