Nature and Democracy

Although at times Fairhaven School’s ideas may seem new, people have been thinking- and writing- about nature and democracy for some time. After posting my previous post (“Spring Is Building”), I found myself reading Walt Whitman’s collected journal entries, Specimen Days and Collect. Among many other things– it is Whitman, after all–this book details [...]

Yes I Will Continue To Trust Them

I’ve been a Fairhaven parent for many years. You’d think by now I’d be quite accomplished. Think again! Each year and each developmental stage brings its own triumphs and trials, joys and sorrows. Subsequently, I have the opportunity to discover new things about myself as I grow in this [...]

Spring Is Building

No season explodes with activity quite like spring at Fairhaven School. Some field notes:

The newly chartered Garden Corporation has already tilled a plot in the backyard by the millstone, planting greens, potatoes, onions, and marigolds. Steady rains have eased their watering burden. Taking advantage of the state of Maryland’s discounted native tree program, [...]

Recipe For Success

Staff and students have always cooked together at Fairhaven.


Sunny April day

Three students, two alumni, two parents, one staff person

Gloves, boots, trash bags, donuts

Forms filled in with pledges from friends and family

Dollar bills and checks