A Process of Conversion

by Gene E. Gary-Williams, Ph.D.

I freely admit that my first encounter with Fairhaven came as a result of panic and prayer. My grandson, who was 8 years old at the [...]

Another Year Of Civility

When Congressman Wilson of South Carolina shouted “You lie” during President Obama’s speech the other night, it became yet another example of the coarsening of the political dialogue in the nation. What’s become of civility?

Picture, if you will, a different meeting that also convened this week, not far down the road from the [...]

And We Could Talk To Water

Welcome back to Fairhaven!

As we begin our twelfth year, we give thanks for the opportunity to provide young people a unique educational environment, a place where freedom meets responsibility. Sometimes we marvel at the contrast between the light-filled experience of starting the school year at Fairhaven as compared to starting at a traditional [...]