Fairhaven School Alumni Parents Podcast!

At our recent Alumni Parent Panel, the panelists reflected not only on their children’s process, but on their own process. I left that evening’s discussion with a sense that choosing a Sudbury school education for your children requires a willingness on the part of parents to let go, to trust, to listen. As alumna [...]

Are You Thinking Sudbury Parents Must Be Insane?

(Longtime Fairhaven School parent and author Johnna Schmidt submitted the following post. Enjoy!)


Back when both of my children went to a highly rated public Montessori School, I occasionally ran into acquaintances whose children attended Fairhaven School. I smiled and nodded politely as they described the model of this “free school” where the [...]

A Process of Conversion

by Gene E. Gary-Williams, Ph.D.

I freely admit that my first encounter with Fairhaven came as a result of panic and prayer. My grandson, who was 8 years old at the [...]

What I’ve Learned at Sudbury Schools

Bell Tower in the Fall

After sixteen years at Evergreen Sudbury School in Maine and Fairhaven School in Maryland, I retired in June. It was time to go and I have exciting plans, but leaving was hard. (And I hope to be back now and then as a sub.) [...]

A Happy-Ending Story

I recently spent an hour explaining the Fairhaven/Sudbury model to a relative and friend, whose brilliant, unusual son is dealing with a public school system that expects normalcy, appropriateness, passivity, and neutrality from its students.

I was reminded of how important it is (and sent him links to Danny Mydlack’s so-cool documentary)* that we [...]

From The Parent Of A 2009 Graduate

I can’t begin to express what Fairhaven has meant to our family and to Robbie’s success in finding out who he is and how he wants to interact with the world. As you may know, he was a defiant, rebellious, unmotivated youth when he came to you. He is now a more level-headed young [...]

Seeing That Light Come Back Into Their Eyes

AV Corporation meeting

My son was coming home from school, grabbing me by the arms, and growling in 3rd grade. He was getting good grades and was well-behaved, but it didn’t take a rocket scientist to see that something was wrong. When he got out of the car to walk into school, I [...]

Yes I Will Continue To Trust Them

I’ve been a Fairhaven parent for many years. You’d think by now I’d be quite accomplished. Think again! Each year and each developmental stage brings its own triumphs and trials, joys and sorrows. Subsequently, I have the opportunity to discover new things about myself as I grow in this [...]

The School That Saved My Son

Playing cards in the Circle Room.

My son is funny and witty and full of life- and information. At not quite sixteen, he has started pondering what he wants to do with his life. But things weren’t always this good. Three years ago, Simon was almost immobilized by migraines, crushed by depression, harassed [...]