How do people at Fairhaven graduate? 

Fairhaven School students who feel they are ready to leave the school may choose to get a diploma or not.

Students who have spent at least three years at Fairhaven School may earn a diploma by defending the thesis that their experiences while enrolled at Fairhaven have enabled them to develop the problem-solving skills, adaptability, and the abilities needed to function independently and responsibly in the world they are about to enter. Diploma candidates must declare their intent to graduate and answer questions at a special winter Assembly of parents, students, staff and public members. They then meet with their individual graduation committees for feedback and guidance before defending their written theses before a Diploma Committee made up of three experienced staff members from other Sudbury schools. A majority of positive votes from the Committee is the final requirement of the diploma process.

Some students decide not to seek a diploma. Alumni from Fairhaven and other Sudbury schools have gone on to lead successful lives, including attending college, without ever having earned a diploma.

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