Site Guidelines

EOY-blog-pics5Fairhaven School’s Public Relations Committee would like to welcome you to the school’s website and blog. Our goal is to set up a place where people can learn more about the school and actively discuss it.

A member of the PR Committee will be acting as moderator for any comments that may be generated and is seeking submissions for new posts. PR reserves the right to edit content (with prior approval from the author) before publishing it to the site.

Please be aware this is a very public site and keep these things in mind

1. Do not post private information.

2. Please be conscious of a student’s right to privacy when posting information.

3. Do not use profanity.

4. This is not a “hate site”. Try to use constructive criticism and remember it’s hard if not impossible to take something back once you’ve said it.

5. If you have serious concerns about something happening at school, please call the school and talk with a staff member.

6. Avoid using both first and last names in posts.

7. Remember your childhood, and ask the subject’s approval prior to posting a story.

PR hopes this is the beginning of a wonderful sharing of ideas. Welcome, and be safe out there.

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