Tuition Assistance Program

Please contribute to our tax-deductible

Tuition Assistance Program

We believe all students should have the opportunity to attend the school that provides the education best suited to them. Ideally, enrollment at Fairhaven and Sudbury schools like ours around the world would be free. In order to exist, however, Fairhaven must charge tuition.

image_0064Our school is supported almost entirely by tuition payments. Our tuition is set as low as possible to allow families of modest means to enroll, and is far more affordable than that charged by many other area private schools.

Nevertheless, for many families even our low tuition is beyond their means. Our Tuition Assistance Program is a way to enable more students to attend Fairhaven, and to help families who have experienced financial difficulties to continue.

Each year we hold a fundraising event to fill the Tuition Assistance coffers. While the events were tremendous fun and contributed to the Tuition Assistance Program, the amount of money we need increases each year as the number of applicants increases.

Please help by contributing to our tax-deductible Tuition Assistance Program. Your contribution is most welcome.

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