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Small To Large, Large To Small

We often think in terms of “growing up at Fairhaven.”  This month we’ve hosted and enrolled a number of younger students, and each one reminds me of what the arc of a Fairhaven career might feel like. To our youngest

Update From Zoe Woodbridge, Fairhaven Class Of 2009

It’s around midnight on a Wednesday night and just as I’m starting to fall asleep, it starts. Young women are screaming and gallivanting down the hall of the dorm that I live in here at Washington College. I swear, every

From A Student

I’m a Fairhaven student and this is what I like about Fairhaven School: I have so many friends. I recommend it for all ages, girls and boys. All the staff are great. It rocks and I love it so much.

Parent Appreciation Night

On behalf of parents and Assembly members I would like to thank all of the Fairhaven students and staff who worked so hard to execute an absolutely flawless and enjoyable evening dedicated to parent appreciation.  Although we as parents have

Voices from the New American Schoolhouse Trailer

In April, 2005, film-maker Danny Mydlack made a lovely documentary about Fairhaven School, Voices From The New American Schoolhouse. Here is the trailer. Enjoy! Danny staffed here at Fairhaven for the 2007-2008 school year prior to founding Arts And Ideas

Prospect and Refuge, Hunters and Prey

In the patch of woods just outside the school office, three boys sneak by. Two more lurk deeper in the trees. Suddenly, they’re sprinting across the school grounds. Two outdoor games have been big on campus  lately: “Hunters and Prey”

A Note From Kat Steigerwald, Fairhaven Class of 2004

December 10, 2009 Dear Fairhaven-ers, I am finally graduating! There is actually snow on the ground here in Prescott today, which makes me think of Maryland. Please find my senior project enclosed. It recounts some of my experiences volunteering for

In Tribute

Just before Winter Break, after more than twenty years on the forefront of education, our colleagues at the Sacramento Valley School voted to close the doors on their Sudbury school. As one of the first generation of schools who modeled

The Play's The Thing

Like any good theater project, Fairhaven’s recent outdoor production of MacBeth proclaimed its merits on many levels.  Student actors, crew, and sound all executed their jobs with distinction. Fulfilling the doomed Scottish king’s prophecy–Blood…there will be blood–oh, yes, there was

What Are We Teaching These Kids?

I recently had the great honor of directing a play at Fairhaven. Many know that theatre is very near and dear to my heart. I formally taught it in the public schools for many years. Throughout my time there, I

All In Favor Of Honesty?

“She wouldn’t play with me, even after I asked her!” She’s young and she’s upset. Her friends at school console her in the stairwell when she cries about the incident. Staff members, including me, check in, see she’s upset but

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