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Coming Back

(This post is written by Zoe Woodbridge, Fairhaven School class of 2009 and current substitute. Enjoy!)

Coming Back

Over the years, there have been many things I have come back to: places, relationships, poems. Fairhaven has always been and will be one of those places I come back to. Though I’ve accomplished a lot away from Fairhaven, I continue to think of it as my jumping off point for finding my place and voice in the world.

After graduating from Fairhaven, I attended Washington College in Chestertown, MD. I studied sociology and creative writing, among other things. I had no problem transitioning into the grading system of college, though I had also gone to public school through 9th grade. At Fairhaven, I had considered myself a leader by being a JC clerk several times and School Meeting Chair two years in a row, along with being involved in different corporations such as Music Corp and Theater Corp. It was partly because of this that I felt comfortable becoming president of the Dance Club at Washington College, as well as a Peer Mentor for incoming freshmen.

News from Alumna Pallas Bane

We have just heard some news from alumna Pallas Bane (Fairhaven School class of  2008.) After graduating from the University of Maryland in Theater Design, Pallas has been working steadily in the local theater world. Pallas writes:  “Here is a

Fairhaven Alumnus Book Release!

Rare Bird Books has just released Echo of the Boom by Maxwell Neely-Cohen, Fairhaven School class of 2004. A fascinating novel that explores contemporary youth culture amidst a looming apocalypse, Max’s book is an intellectual tour-de-force and a page-turner.

Based in Washington, D.C., “Echo” explores what makes Millenials tick as they text away, and Max’s lifelong interest in military theory certainly informs his characters and the narrative arc of his novel.


2012 Alumni Panel

On October 26th, Fairhaven School hosted its second alumni panel. Ben Umstead (’01), Geoffrey Craighead (’01), and Brett Smith (’04) spoke of their experiences at Fairhaven School and their time after school. Here is what Geoffrey posted on his Facebook:

In Memoriam

On Friday, September 21st,  Fairhaven School lost a cherished member of its community. Tim Craighead, 24, was a student at Fairhaven from 2000-2004. When I heard the news on Sunday I immediately knew that I wanted to return to the

Alumni Panel

On Friday, March 23rd, Fairhaven School hosted a panel featuring three alumni- Pallas Bane (class of 2008), Thor Jensen (class of 2005), and Erin Gregory ( who chose not to graduate and left in 2005.) The 2011-2012 school year is

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