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Wintertime Gallery

Spring is right around the corner and energy is picking up at Fairhaven School.  Here are a few wintertime vignettes showcasing busy Fairhaven students engaged in cold weather activities like the following: playing in the snow, reading, drawing henna tattoos,

INSIDE/OUT: Another way to celebrate Fifteen Years

(As we continue our series of posts celebrating fifteen years as a school, here’s one from staff member and parent Beth Williams. Enjoy!) This collage is from Fairhaven School’s recent participation in the worldwide Inside/Out project. Many students, staff, parents


There’s a saying: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. The 15 year anniversary was wonderful. We had planned to do s’mores by the fire, but the weather was not so conducive. Anyway, we had boxes of graham crackers left

Fifteen Year T-shirts Are In!

Fairhaven School celebrates its 15th anniversary this year.  With it will come a fun-filled celebration sure to have something for everyone on November 23rd.  Amongst other things, we are planning to dedicate a new tree in the Circle Garden, collaborate

Dr. Peter Gray to Speak at Fairhaven School

(Fairhaven School parent Renee Switzer wrote the following post for her educational blog. Enjoy!)   I’m so excited to finally meet Peter Gray! He’s coming to speak at my oldest daughter’s school, Fairhaven School, which is the oldest Sudbury school


I spend many hours here on campus alone, working nights and weekends, manning the office in the summer. My colleagues and I always marvel at how much more we can get done when Fairhaven School is empty. We make jokes

A Glorious First Two Weeks

Winding my way through the woods on the first day of school, I am greeted by the first few red and yellow leaves of fall. It’s hard to miss that undeniable crispness in the air.  I know when I was

Fifteen Years and Counting

Fifteen summers ago. Anyone who remembers the very hot, humid and rain-less summer of 1998 might be surprised to find out how a group of energized people chose to spend their time that year.  Instead of vacations or lazy summer

Fairhaven School Buildings Update—Spoiler Alert

Since the end of the school year, I have been busy with my building clerkship. My summer routine begins with thorough cleaning of both buildings during which time I make a list of what needs fixing. When school starts up again

Another Way to Understand Fairhaven School

“Education is a process of expansion—expanding strategies as writers, expanding knowledge as scholars, expanding concerns as citizens. Every class should be a community in which students safely and certainly expand their worlds.” -Cole Swenson, poet and scholar Although this quotation

Early Morning

My schedule this year at school includes two days opening the school, and these always afford a different Fairhaven School experience, these first hours before the hurlyburly to come.  Empty rooms invite. It is difficult not to think of the


This post finds another year commenced on the educational forefront for Fairhaven School. New students mixed with old yesterday, and we all checked in about both our summers and our plans for this year. The day was smooth and remarkably

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