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Friends and Freedom: What New Students Have to Say

As we begin the 2019-2020 school year, we have continued last year’s remarkable pace of enrolling new students! We talked to several of them to collect their thoughts on joining Fairhaven School. As you can see from the following quotes from our newest members, if you are considering enrolling your child, you can expect them to soon enjoy “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Field Notes: Being Ignored

“I called out to three passing boys: “Have a great weekend!” No response came… If play and engagement can attain urgency, they embodied this state, as if encased in their own world. My heartfelt goodbye, then, went unnoticed. Seldom has being ignored felt better.”

What’s Normal?

At a recent Talkabout co-hosted with visiting staff and students from Houston Sudbury school, staff member Mark McCaig began the discussion with some thoughts about “What’s Normal at a Sudbury  School?”

Shoeless at Fairhaven

“Play’s awesome. If you’re not going to play when you’re young, when can you?” Cormac Finn, 2015 alumnus. Yesterday, the termite man came to inspect the school. He walked around the buildings with our building clerk, checked the corners of

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