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In Memoriam: Daniel Greenberg (1934-2021)

We write to share the passing of Sudbury Valley School founder Danny Greenberg. He was a mentor and colleague since the mid-nineties, when we first contacted Sudbury Valley and began the process of starting Fairhaven School. Brilliant, funny, and always direct, Danny often showed the way, whether writing one of his many books or working these many decades to keep Sudbury Valley going.

Field Notes: Trust and Time

While we can understand much of the lapidary process both of tumbling glass (or rocks) and of watching students grow and develop, some of both remains a mystery, ultimately reliant upon trust and time.

Field Notes: Bikers (Part 2)

“Truly, the particular activity of riding bikes serves as a wonderful metaphor for Fairhaven School’s ethos. Students here function independently and on their own schedules, moving through space and time as their own masters. What better exemplifies this than biking for hours on end across campus?”

Field Notes: Bikers (Part 1)

If you have been on campus this spring, you have seen them: anywhere from a few up to a dozen students, riding their bikes. Throw in the occasional skateboarder, scooter rider, and homemade go-cart captain, and the locomotion on campus this year is impressive, providing an opportunity to dig deeper into the world Fairhaven students create.

New Republic article about Sudbury Valley School

Sometimes, people find Fairhaven School and wonder where we came up with the idea for such a unique school. In response, we tell them we are a Sudbury school, named after Sudbury Valley School, a visionary place that has been

News from the Mother Ship: Sudbury Valley School’s blog

mother ship: noun a vessel or craft that services others operating far from a home port or center. Fairhaven School, like all of our sister schools, calls itself a Sudbury school because we have always been affiliated with Sudbury Valley

Free To Learn: An Essential New Book

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Peter Gray, research psychologist and Sudbury Valley School board member, has published a book that collects many of the insights and posts from his Psychology Today blog, Freedom To Learn. Throughout the book,

A Sister School in the Netherlands

Sudbury schools exist worldwide, with groups advocating liberty and responsibility for young people in Germany, Japan, Israel, the United Kingdom, Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands, and across the United States. New schools seem always to be starting, as traditional schools continue

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