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Twenty Year Celebration!

On Saturday, June 9th, we celebrated twenty years of Fairhaven School. In addition to joining our annual Capture the Flag game, about two hundred current students, alumni, founders, and friends of the school visited, shared stories, played music, ate brick oven pizza, and dug up the time capsule we buried in 1998. Founder and staff member Mark McCaig shared these remarks in the backyard at the time capsule ceremony.

A Trip to the Stream – An Intern’s Tale

Although I can’t believe it now, looking out at all this rain, a couple of days ago the weather was very hot and humid. One of the younger girls invited me to go to the stream with her, so we walked together down the winding, forest stairs. The leaves on the trees are now toughened up, and the sun is almost completely covered, except for the occasional diamond of light shining down. She got in the water, I stayed on the shore.

Fair Ball

Since we first opened our doors, we have spent hundreds of hours playing kickball. This year, however, tension caused by players trash-talking, disagreements about rules, and a general malaise descending on the game threatened its existence. How the players addressed these issues exemplifies problem solving at Sudbury schools, and might concretize how our community functions.

Time to Play

A recent article in the Washington Post typifies common attitudes about playing at school these days. Apparently, five-year-old Caitlin Miller, of Raeford, North Carolina, was pretending to guard an imaginary king and queen at recess, and in her game, she picked up

Now Showing: Adaptability and Problem-Solving

Another winter, another theatre production (or two). As students and I were striking the set and packing up the costumes, sound equipment, light board, and props, the student who played both Dr. Horrible and Brenda the fairy ballerina said to me, “Problem solving skills, adaptability, abilities needed to function independently—I think I just went through all of those things in the past two months!” He was referring to the thesis statement he will soon be defending in order to graduate. The exact language each diploma candidate must defend is the following: “My experiences while at Fairhaven School  have enabled me to develop the problem-solving skills, the adaptability, and the abilities needed to function independently and responsibly in the world that I am about to enter.”

Sports at Fairhaven

Our students spend a lot of their time outdoors. Although many of these hours involve exploration and imaginaitive play,  I often see them playing more organized, pickup games of ultimate frisbee, basketball, and soccer. It never ceases to amaze me that our students play in all sorts of weather (notice  football in the snow, below). Games at Fairhaven can be like the weather, in a way: they materialize instantly like summer storms often do, out of nowhere, then at some point they scatter, only to return another day.

Becka Miller, Staff

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