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Job Opening   Assistant Staff Member 20 to 35 hours $25 to $35 per hour The position is hourly with the possibility of becoming salaried. This is a year to year position with the first term being the 2023-24 school

Giving Letter 2023

Tuesday, November 28, 2023  Greetings Friend of Fairhaven School, I hope this letter finds you well. My name is Ben Umstead. I’m an alum of the school, and I’m here to tell you a story about play. On a recent episode

Shoeless at Fairhaven

“Play’s awesome. If you’re not going to play when you’re young, when can you?” Cormac Finn, 2015 alumnus. Yesterday, the termite man came to inspect the school. He walked around the buildings with our building clerk, checked the corners of

The Art of Doing Nothing

Here is an article from Sudbury Valley School founder Hanna Greenberg, who will be speaking at Fairhaven School on Thursday, November 16th at 7:00. The article is the property of the Sudbury Valley School press. See below for complete attribution.

How to Get a Job at Google

Almost weekly, we receive links to stories and blog entries worldwide that align with what we do at Fairhaven School. Evermore, we get the sense that employers and universities are coming to understand, just as we do here,  that traits

Berlin Sketches (1)

(Ting Schule, a Sudbury school in Berlin, Germany, recently hosted Fairhaven School staff member Mark McCaig to present his talk entitled “Who Will I Become Today? Role Playing as a Way to Understand Fairhaven School.” Here he posts some impressions

"The Art of Distraction"

Last week, the Opinion Pages of the New York Times printed a compelling article about creativity and education. Yet again, a thinker (in this case writer and filmmaker Hanif Kureishi)  has inadvertently argued for the efficacy of Fairhaven School! In

CNN.com article features students from Sudbury Valley School

Below is a link to an article on CNN that features Sudbury Valley school staff and alumni. http://www.cnn.com/2011/US/08/03/unschooling.sudbury.education/index.html Be advised, like most articles about Sudbury schooling, an expert is quoted expressing concerns with the model, specifically the concern with “chaos”

Lernen in Freiheit (Learning in Freedom)

This article about Sudbury Schools featuring Fairhaven School appeared in the March, 2011 edition of the German magazine Ubuntu. Click the pages below for full size images. The article can also be viewed on page 50 of http://issuu.com/sos-kinderdoerfer/docs/ubuntu-schule-3-11  

Fairhaven Sudbury Conference, June 2011

It began as a casual, inscrutable suggestion from Sudbury Valley School founder Mimsy Sadofsky at the end of the last Sudbury conference in Framingham, Massachusetts: “You guys should host the next conference.” Us? Was she kidding? No, she wasn’t, and

A Recent Visitor's Blog

For the month of January, Fairhaven School hosted Monika Wernz, a visitor from a startup Sudbury school group in Munich. From the beginning, we have welcomed visitors from all over the world to our campus. On the one hand, we

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