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Sudbury Valley's New Video

In the latest installment in its forty-three effort to explain and promote the Sudbury model of education, our colleagues at Sudbury Valley School have produced a new video. It is lovely, and features a student named Ben whose thesis defense

Beware: Adult Content (Guest Post)

This post by Shoshona London Sappir appeared on the blog of Michael Sappir, a graduate of the Jerusalem Sudbury School. (Michael writes often on issues of education at http://sappir.net.) A few years ago my husband and I attended a lecture

From The Scientific American 150 Years Ago

Some things don’t change. In an era of increasing homework, we are buoyed by this this quotation from 1860 reprinted as part of The Scientific American’s 50/100/150 feature: Against Homework “A child who has been boxed up six hours in

Pictures From Halloween 2010

Here are a whole batch of pictures from our Halloween party. Current students, alumni, and staff are represented. Enjoy!

In Tribute

We learned last Monday about the tragic accidental death of David Hepner, one of our 2009 graduates. He was riding in a truck with two other graduates, passing the home of yet another graduate. The news and suddenness has shocked

Like Water (Redux)

From the top of the outdoor steps, behind the swing set, you can look down into the forest and see Mt. Nebo Creek passing through the school’s property on its way to the Patuxent River, the Chesapeake Bay, and, ultimately,

Adaptation To Change: The Way We Became Human?

Whereas traditional school environments rely on stability, predictability and routine, a Sudbury school environment like Fairhaven is characterized by change and variability. To be sure, we do have our routines and structures here: just today we convened our first School

Fairhaven 2010-2011: A School That Is All That It Can Be

There’s a buzz on the internet this summer about New York high school valedictorian Erica Goldson’s thoughtful speech criticizing the educational system she’s just completed. One highlight:  School is not all that it can be. Right now, it is a

Sudbury Valley's new bookstore is online

For fifteen years , we at Fairhaven School have relied on the voluminous writings and videos from the Sudbury Press. For forty-two years, students at Sudbury Valley School (SVS) have been free to spend their time as they choose, and

Fairhaven Vs. “Unschooling”

Recently the idea of “Unschooling” has come up in the news, raising suspicions of the education those who are “unschooled” receive. There was an article in the news with George Stephanopolous about this idea of non-traditional schooling. (http://news.yahoo.com/video/health-15749655/parents-defend-unschooling-19235564) People have

Small To Large, Large To Small

We often think in terms of “growing up at Fairhaven.”  This month we’ve hosted and enrolled a number of younger students, and each one reminds me of what the arc of a Fairhaven career might feel like. To our youngest

Update From Zoe Woodbridge, Fairhaven Class Of 2009

It’s around midnight on a Wednesday night and just as I’m starting to fall asleep, it starts. Young women are screaming and gallivanting down the hall of the dorm that I live in here at Washington College. I swear, every

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