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In Memoriam: Daniel Greenberg (1934-2021)

Dec 6, 2021
We write to share the passing of Sudbury Valley School founder Danny Greenberg. He was a mentor and colleague since the mid-nineties, when we first contacted Sudbury Valley and began the process of starting Fairhaven School. Brilliant, funny, and always direct, Danny often showed the way, whether writing one of his many books or working these many decades to keep Sudbury Valley going.
He once wrote about the little moments at school, the small miracles of young people simply walking by in conversation on campus, completely free to be who they are–moments just like the photo below captures on our campus. We pass along our condolences and gratitude to Hanna Greenberg, Danny’s beloved wife and co-founder, to Danny’s family, and to the entire Sudbury community of students, staff, and alumni. Daniel Greenberg’s leadership has fostered freedom for thousands of people all over the world. What better legacy could one hope for?____
Please take the time to read or listen to this Sudbury Valley blog post to enjoy Danny’s unique voice.
I will miss him.
Mark McCaig

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