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Parent Appreciation Night

Mar 10, 2010
Fairhaven Players peform at Parent Appreciation Night. (photo by Salvia Lani)

On behalf of parents and Assembly members I would like to thank all of the Fairhaven students and staff who worked so hard to execute an absolutely flawless and enjoyable evening dedicated to parent appreciation.  Although we as parents have a pretty good idea of the amount of work involved in producing such a soirée, you succeeded in making it appear effortless.

First of all let us thank the public relations committee for sponsoring an event where our only responsibility as parents was to show up, eat, and be thoroughly entertained. Kitchen Corporation provided us with a superb menu of Italian cuisine that included vegan lasagna that was well worth going back for seconds. Our evening’s musical entertainment provided by Music Corporation included a delicate violin solo, rhythmical percussions and a rock out performance from the Fairhaven Players band. Theatre Corporation performed a sneak preview of one of their upcoming one acts, and I am confident many of us will be back to enjoy the full production.

So whatever contribution you made to the evening’s festivities (be it digital dancing provided by Computer Corporation, slinging food in the kitchen or entertaining us with your talents), let it be known that we parents enjoyed the opportunity to be appreciated and to celebrate as a community. Moreover, watching all of you function together with such exquisite synchronization made us very proud and earned all of you a few more rides to and from school.

Thank You


John Schertler

Assembly President

Fairhaven School

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