When to Enroll

Students may enroll at any time during the school year, or over the summer. Students and parents must be willing to commit to the school for a full school year regardless of when they enroll. Students often need time to adjust to a new environment and different expectations. In order to create a stable community at the school and a successful experience for each student, it is important to commit to trusting the process of self-initiated learning and the work of community building.

The Enrollment Process

Step 1:
Interview & Tour

We encourage families who are interested in Fairhaven School to learn as much as possible about what we do prior to visiting the school by studying this website, investigating other Sudbury schools, and reading the free information packet we send you. The next step is to schedule an enrollment interview and tour by contacting the Admissions Director, either by calling the office at 301-249-8060 or completing the General Contact Form. The Director is also available to discuss the school prior to scheduling an interview. Periodic Open Houses are a great place to start!

Step 2:
Visiting Week

A Visiting Week is the next step in the enrollment process for each applicant. During the week the prospective enrollee attends Fairhaven and has almost all the rights and responsibilities of an enrolled student. Visiting week tuition is $175 per child. There is also an application fee of $70 per family. Families are given a student handbook and a copy of Like Water by Mark McCaig, a founder of Fairhaven School.

Prior to the start of the Visiting Week, an admissions interview with the Admissions Director takes place. This interview is not a test or a means of selecting certain kinds of students. It is a frank discussion during which all parties can make sure that Fairhaven School is a good fit for the enrollee and their family. Both parents or guardians are required to attend the enrollment interview, and they generally last about an hour. A conference also takes place at the end of the Visiting Week, to review the week and determine whether the student, parents, and school community are all ready for enrollment. A second Visiting Week may be scheduled if appropriate. To apply for enrollment, download the PDF files below, and send them to the address at the bottom of the forms.

Step 3:

Once an interview has taken place and all parties agree that enrollment is a good idea, an enrollment form must be completed and payment in full is due or payment according to the following schedule. The first payment of 40% of a full year’s tuition is due upon enrollment and must be made to Fairhaven School. The other bimonthly payments of 30%, 20% and finally 10% must be made through Fairhaven School’s intermediary billing organization. In addition, you may choose to set up a payment plan and register for tuition payments online.

Enrollment Forms

You may download our enrollment forms to begin the application process. Please fill them out and mail them to the address listed at the bottom of the form, or fax them to 301-218-3549.


Application Form


Visitor's Release Form


Emergency Treatment Form