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The Fairhaven Stream – Alison Everett, Class of 2007

In our eleventh episode, Alison looks back on her experiences in the first decade of Fairhaven School. Alison talks about her time in the Sonora Room alone with her beloved fanfiction, becoming a paid creator of paper dolls and an actor for the Theatre Corp, and ending up today as a veterinarian. 

The Fairhaven Stream – Ben Umstead, Class of 2001

In our tenth episode, Ben looks back at the formative years of Fairhaven School. Ben remembers the early school as a living entity, featuring LEGO sets, improv, and making movies, and ultimately as a place that helped create the lifelong storyteller they have become.

The Fairhaven Stream – Salvia Lani, Class of 2010

In our ninth episode, Salvia looks back on the old days of munchkin training, recalls how Fairhaven fostered her creativity, and talks about how her time at Fairhaven prepared her to thrive as a fabric engineer for a major corporation.

The Fairhaven Stream – Alumni Panel 2023

On the 16th of February 2023, Fairhaven School organized an event titled “Voices from the Fairhaven Stream,” which showcased four FHS alumni. The event provided a platform for students, parents, and grandparents to engage with the alumni and inquire about their experiences at Fairhaven as well as how they have found and defined success.

The Fairhaven Stream – Zoe Woodbridge

In our seventh episode, we talk about why Zoe came to Fairhaven School from a public high school and how she gained soft skills here that helped her in college, in graduate school and now as a child and family therapist.

The Fairhaven Stream – Peter Carlson

Our sixth episode of The Fairhaven Stream features an interview with Peter Carlson, Class of 2007. In this interview, Peter reflects on why he considers Fairhaven School a sacred space, how he navigates life as a working artist, and why he thinks every young person should have the option of attending a Sudbury school like Fairhaven.

The Fairhaven Stream – Kai Kim

Our fifth episode of The Fairhaven Stream features an interview with Kai Kim, Class of 2017. In this interview, we discuss how Kai used the time and space at Fairhaven to chart a life path, how their parents adapted to

The Fairhaven Stream – Rob Kronser

Our fourth episode of The Fairhaven Stream features an interview from Rob Kronser, Class of 2009. In this interview we discuss age mixing, the Judicial Committee, and how Rob’s time at Fairhaven continues to shape his life, both as a

The Fairhaven Stream – Brennan Howell

Our third episode of The Fairhaven Stream features an interview from Brennan Howell, Class of 2015. In this interview we discuss the value of play, free exploration, and how Brennan used his time at Fairhaven School. If you’re new to

The Fairhaven Stream – Kiara James

We’re pleased to publish Episode 2 of the Fairhaven Stream, an interview with alumna Kiara James, Class of 2011. School Meeting recently approved Kiara as a substitute staff member as well, so we look forward to seeing more of her on campus.

The Fairhaven Stream – Katie Fizdale

Listen to Katie talk about our first years through her singular lens, as she’s one of our first School Meeting Chairs, a talented artist, and now a mother.

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