Theatre Corp Presents “Holes”!

Holey moley! Fairhaven’s Theatre Corp will soon be showcasing its production of Holes. Based on the 1998 novel by Louis Sachar, this play takes audiences on a journey that is filled with humor and themes of family legacy, justice, and redemption.

On today’s podcast we interview Nora, who pitched and directed the play. In this interview, she explains why she pitched Holes to the Theatre Corp, and what it was like to direct her fellow students.


While the play is filled with silly premises like a curse carried down from a no good, dirty rotten, pig stealing great-great grandfather, Nora speaks about being driven by a desire to spark meaningful conversations. “Fairhaven students have the ability to do something that means a little bit more”, she explains. “There are solemn realistic moments that have a real connection to the world that we are currently living in.”

One of the most rewarding elements for the school is the play has a cast and crew that includes students of all ages. “It’s been awesome to see because there’s always somebody goofing around with each other, but then one of them will pull it back,” Nora reflects. “It’s really been great to see what Fairhaven can produce in such a short amount of time.”

We invite you to see the play for yourself next week. Purchase your tickets here!

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