2022 Giving Letter: Education Outside of the Box

Greetings Friend of Fairhaven School,

I hope my letter finds you and your family well.

My son started at Fairhaven four years ago, and each day has been a great adventure encouraging autonomy, finding beauty in the natural world, and self-advocacy.

Fairhaven promotes autonomy and independence in its students by giving them the space to explore their interests and express their creativity. For example, my son enjoys creating various projects using different items he finds around the campus. His pride when he brings home his latest woodwork creation, sewing craft, or other unique project warms my heart. Students can express themselves in a medium that feels right to them and are not limited to what others have decided is “right” for a particular age or grade.

Fairhaven’s beautiful campus allows my son to connect daily with the natural world. The outdoors is just as much a part of the learning experience as anything the students may do indoors. My son loves visiting the stream, pointing out turtles, collecting acorns, and enjoying nature, which always leads to him wanting to learn more about the world around him.

All these experiences are driven by his intrinsic motivation – he is pursuing the things that interest him which makes him eager to learn and do more. He can express when he needs support and guidance. His self-awareness and ability to self-advocate grow stronger each day because Fairhaven is a safe haven.

Every day, I see the impact of Fairhaven on my son. I know that he would not have this level of creativity, self-awareness, or autonomy in a setting that requires everyone to fit into a pre-determined box. Fairhaven is education outside of the box. In fact, if Fairhaven were a box, it would be turned into a spaceship for one student and a race car for another. One student may paint it in vibrant colors, and another may use it to build a fort. Other students may glue eyes on it and give it a name, while others may create a nest for wildlife. Fairhaven gives students the tools and the space to decide what their experience will be.

These things and more are made possible through generous contributions to Fairhaven School. Your tax-deductible donation allows families to access education outside of the box that they may not otherwise be able to experience. Please go here  to offer a donation of any amount to support the adventure of Fairhaven School.

I am so thankful for whatever you can give and am grateful for your support of Fairhaven students. I wish you and your family well this holiday season.


Olivia F. Wilkins
Fairhaven Parent since 2019
FSI Board Member

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