A Glorious First Two Weeks

photo(3)Winding my way through the woods on the first day of school, I am greeted by the first few red and yellow leaves of fall. It’s hard to miss that undeniable crispness in the air.  I know when I was a kid, these age-old hallmarks of the fall signaled the end of the freedom of summer. For our students, it’s a whole different ballgame. The start of school isn’t an end to their freedom here; rather, it’s an invitation to dig back in to that challenging Sudbury dance of freedom and responsibility.

Those of you who are familiar with Apples to Apples will be able to appreciate the sentiment in the photo. During the game, one person is the judge and plays a green card. Everyone else has a hand of red cards and carefully chooses the card from their hand that they think the judge will pick as being a perfect fit for the green card.  In this instance, from a game of Apples to Apples this week, one student choose to play “The First Day of School” in an attempt to win the green “Glorious” card. Now, usually, when the judge turns over all the red cards that players have put down as considerations for their green card, there’s a bit of hemming and hawing. One may expect a show while the judge carefully narrows it down to the best two and then, much to their audience’s anticipation, unhurriedly makes their final decision. In this case, “The First Day of School” was an instant winner. What interests me most about this is that both students had the same idea- that there is something undeniably “Glorious,” “magnificent,” “delightful,” and “splendid” about the first day of school at Fairhaven!

It’s the end of the second week now and there’s so much activity everywhere. Countless games of speed and Magic have been played. The work in progress shelf in the art room is chock full of new art projects. New study groups and workshops are forming around improv, art, and Spanish. Activity sign ups for a 24 hour film festival, a trip to the corn maze, and a bowling outing are filled with interested students’ signatures.  All around the school certifications are happening, schedules are taking shape, and new bonds are being forged.  Corporations have met and energetic new secretaries and executive directors are taking the reins. School Meeting is back in full swing, already considering purchasing decisions, passing new rules, facilitating lively informal discussions, and electing JC clerks. Something tells me it’s going to be a great year!

Becka Miller

Staff Member

September, 2013

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