Cinderelly, Cinderelly: Age-Mixing at Fairhaven School


The cast of “Cinderella” after the play.

After Theatre Corp’s recent production of Hamlet, some of the younger students began forming their own play in the Kid Nook. On Monday those students put on their adaptation of Cinderella.

I have to admit while watching them I could not help but think of how proud I am of all of them. They wrote the play themselves (with some staff support), went to School Meeting to get permission for the space, and produced the play. All of this was completely independent of Theatre Corp.

I was also proud of the older students who helped out. It reminded me of how valuable age mixing is at a school like Fairhaven. The younger students were not limited to their own usual suspects of friends. They expanded, reaching out for help, and the older students gave it to them. The result was a production where everyone had fun and learned. (See the links below for video footage of the production.)

Simply put, it was one of those days at Fairhaven School you just wouldn’t want to miss. Sometimes the magic of a Sudbury School is hidden within a complex context, but sometimes it stares you right in the face!

Richard Morris

Staff Member

Class of 2007

Cinderella Part 1

Cinderella Part 2


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