Fairhaven School Alumna Releases EP

Sometimes the news we hear from alumni is just lovely. This just in, from the email Inbox: Fairhaven School alumna Erin Umstead, class of 2005, has just released her first EP of music, “The Norway EP.”

Please support her work, just another example of the interesting, creative lives our alumni continue to manifest. (Kudos also to Erin’s website designer Ben Umstead, current Fairhaven substitute staff and member of the class of 2001.)

Here is the announcement from Erin herself, with links:

I wanted to give the community information on my debut EP! It contains four original songs and is called “The Norway EP”. You can stream it for free or download it for $1 (or more) here: http://www.erinumstead.bandcamp.com

Some other sites for people to stay up to date with me on are:

Facebook “fan” page: http://www.facebook.com/erinumstead

Twitter: http://twitter.com/erinumstead

Blog: http://www.erinumstead.tumblr.com

I will also be playing the open mic at New Deal Cafe in Greenbelt tomorrow, January 5th at 7pm. Info here: http://www.newdealcafe.com

Thanks for the support!


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