Fairhaven School Buildings Update—Spoiler Alert

Stairs 1
Since the end of the school year, I have been busy with my building clerkship. My summer routine begins with thorough cleaning of both buildings during which time I make a list of what needs fixing. When school starts up again in 6 weeks, here are some changes that folks will see (or not see):


1. The hole (fist size) in the Lounge no longer exists.

2. Several of the walls in both buildings have fresh coats of paint.

3. New door stops and repairs to doors that always seem to opened and closed by humans with superhuman strength.

4. New stairs in the New Building (NB). When the carpet was removed, the cracks in the risers became visible.

5. At the time of this post, a new door is being installed in the NB by the computer room.


I am constantly amazed by how these physical structures endure the love and abuse that occur day in and day out of the school year. Additionally, I am aware of the reactions of School Meeting Members (SMMs) to change. The big changes (stairs and doors) had been discussed and approved by SM. Still, I thought a “heads-up” was in order. When we begin the next school year and celebrate our 15th year, I hope that these improvements will help the buildings to serve as a the wonderful learning environment that is and have been Fairhaven School.




Building Maintenance Clerk

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