Fifteen Year T-shirts Are In!

Fairhaven School celebrates its 15th T-shirt photoanniversary this year.  With it will come a fun-filled celebration sure to have something for everyone on November 23rd.  Amongst other things, we are planning to dedicate a new tree in the Circle Garden, collaborate on participatory art installations, and have a Words in the Woods reading with alumni novelist Max Neely-Cohen.

To commemorate the occasion a new T-shirt is here!!!

I created the graphic on the T-shirt on a website called, which allows you to make visual “word clouds” out of any text you enter.  Words vary in size from smallest to largest (and therefore importance) according to the amount of times they were used in the text that was entered.  Wordle allows for some manipulation of font, color, etc. (or you can let the computer randomly choose those elements) but after that you just keep pushing “return”, allowing the site to create various combinations until you get a cloud you like.  It’s fun, addictive, and is a little like playing a slot machine and ending up with some weird refrigerator Magnetic Poetry!

This graphic was created by using the text from the “about” page on the Fairhaven School website, with the exception of names, which were removed, and the addition of “15years” entered MANY times so it would both stay together as one item and appear largest.  I then played with it until things like School Meeting and Fairhaven School ended up together.

With the final touches of the school logo of the Old Building porch with a student in the rafters, and fall colors (the grWordcloud for blogeen shirt was a unanimous choice as being “very Fairhaven” by all students and staff polled), the graphic was complete!  We hope you will consider purchasing one (or more) of these unique T’s to show your school pride.  They are $15 (for 15 years!) and can be purchased in the school office.


Beth Williams

October, 2013

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