Giving Tuesday – FHS Tuition Assistance Program

Please consider donating to Fairhaven School this Giving Tuesday! Every contribution helps lessen the burden for Fairhaven families who are providing their children a unique and empowering education. You can assist us in meeting the goal that cost will never prevent families from enrolling their children in Fairhaven School! Thank you in advance, from the entire Fairhaven community. You can donate here.

Students organize canned food drive for the Lighthouse Shelter in Annapolis.

“A contribution to Fairhaven is a commitment to ensuring that the richness of a Sudbury education is available to students of all backgrounds in the Annapolis/Washington, DC area,” (Crystal Graham, Fairhaven parent).

Playing D&D.

“For some, it might make the difference between enrolling at Fairhaven or not. And perhaps there is an element of moral support for the gutsy parents receiving this assistance–when many other messages from society at large may lead them to question sending their children to a school where the students set their own agenda and don’t bring home report cards, awards, science projects or other indicia of ‘success.’ Knowing that others believe this experience is worth supporting financially provides reassurance to Fairhaven families,” (Elizabeth Arnold, parent of alumnus).

One of many “village” structures in the woods.

“At Fairhaven we aren’t indoctrinated with the idea that other people will take care of things for us. We’re taught through repeated experiences that we have to be responsible for our community and our own well-being. Each year we ask the community to contribute to Fairhaven School, Incorporated, a non-profit organization which distributes donations between tuition assistance and building projects. Please consider donating to Fairhaven School so that we can continue providing this unique environment, one that alumni like myself continue to learn from even after all these years.” (Richard Morris, alumnus, staff member).

JC Clerks

“Generosity created the very buildings the school occupies, as hundreds of volunteers built the first building and contributed money to build both buildings. What accounts for this spirit on campus? I like to think people identify with Fairhaven’s mission: to create and sustain a crucial, viable educational opportunity for young people that is equal parts freedom and responsibility,” (Mark McCaig, school founder and staff member).

Field trip to Harper’s Ferry.

“A contribution to Fairhaven is an investment in the present as well as in the future,” (Lynd Morris, Fairhaven parent of two alumni).

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