Grateful for Fairhaven

(Fairhaven School parent Elizabeth Arnold shared this journal entry with us and we would like to pass it on along with some recent photos taken by students and staff. Enjoy!)


Grateful for Fairhaven – a place, an environment, an opportunity, where love can do its magic – – souls can come to know themselves, each person able to come fully into their own, ending up solid and grounded, where children can play with their shadow selves in a safe haven, and learn where the boundaries lie between chaos and civilization, where consequences have meaning, not just arbitrary rules fashioned by strangers, but crafted with love to be true learning tools, where children end up teaching themselves, and each other, and even the staff ~ and parents can gain an appreciation for another way to learn, and for how amazing their children are, where resistance isn’t necessary, so instead of negativities arising, beauty and mastery . . .

and thanks to you all for keeping the magic going.

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