Homecoming, From Home


Due to the pandemic we’ve had to host Open Houses a bit differently this year. We kept the term “Open House”, but to ensure safety, we adapted to having time slots for tours, with only essential staff on campus. While better than nothing, it doesn’t quite compare to the lively energy of some of our previous Open Houses. I miss those Open Houses when young children would run all over the campus as their parents chased after them, while other parents and prospective students chatted with students, alumni, staff, and parents. Snacks would be spread across tables, the New Building kitchen would smell like freshly baked cookies, tours consisting of several families at a time would work their way through the halls, room to room. By the end of the day there would always be at least a family or two at the playground. I can’t wait to see those days again.

One aspect of our pandemic-era Open Houses I have grown to appreciate is the Zoom panel discussion. Open to the public and hosted by our panel of two students, a current Fairhaven parent, and two alumni, participants have the opportunity to ask questions and learn about how Fairhaven works. Before the pandemic we would invite alumni to our Open Houses, but we were limited to alumni who were local. Now with Zoom, we can invite alumni from anywhere in the world! It has been an absolute privilege to reconnect with these alumni, some of whom are now well into adulthood. It is a great reminder of what Fairhaven School is all about. The gratitude they share, the memories they cherish, the shared experience of going to such a unique and vibrant school all come together to paint a picture of the profound effect the school had on them. 

One thing I’ve taken away is how amazing these alumni are, all in their unique ways. They went to a school where they could figure out who they are, and it’s clear that they came out of the school with a strong sense of self. They have a determined attitude to go after what brings joy and fulfillment to their lives, whether that may be starting a business, or a family, or spending nearly a decade in higher education to become a veterinarian. As a Fairhaven alum myself, I am so proud of all of them. It’s been wonderful to catch up with them, and I cannot wait to see more alumni at our next Open House on Saturday, January 23rd. If you would like to join us for a tour between 10am and 1pm, and/or attend the Zoom panel discussion at 3pm, you can RSVP below.


Richard Morris
Class of ‘07


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