In Tribute

fall2Just before Winter Break, after more than twenty years on the forefront of education, our colleagues at the Sacramento Valley School voted to close the doors on their Sudbury school. As one of the first generation of schools who modeled themselves after Sudbury Valley School, SacVal has served as an inspiration and support to us at Fairhaven School from the beginning.

At Sudbury schools conferences, the wise words from SacVal staffers always got our attention. Likewise their contributions on our listserve. Two Sacramento Valley staff members, Kaye-Lynn Peterson and Brenda Gustin,  served on Fairhaven’s Diploma Committee in recent years. Former Fairhaven staff member Cameron Lyons used to work at Sacramento. We Sudbury schools are a small community!

As you good people move on, we write to offer our gratitude, appreciation, and these words of encouragement: your work has changed hundreds of lives, and bolstered thousands. May we all be so lucky!


Mark McCaig

and the crew at Fairhaven School

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