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Lernen in Freiheit (Learning in Freedom)

This article about Sudbury Schools featuring Fairhaven School appeared in the March, 2011 edition of the German magazine Ubuntu. Click the pages below for full size images. The article can also be viewed on page 50 of http://issuu.com/sos-kinderdoerfer/docs/ubuntu-schule-3-11  

Fairhaven Sudbury Conference, June 2011

It began as a casual, inscrutable suggestion from Sudbury Valley School founder Mimsy Sadofsky at the end of the last Sudbury conference in Framingham, Massachusetts: “You guys should host the next conference.” Us? Was she kidding? No, she wasn’t, and

"Arsenic And Old Lace" is a hit!

Fairhaven School’s Theatre Corporation is staging Kesserling’s comedy “Arsenic And Old Lace” for a second weekend this Saturday and Sunday. Doors open at 7:00. Approximately one-third of the school has been involved, from acting to directing, from set-building to stage

Guest Post: Play Will Save Your Life

(Reprinted here with permission, a blog post from Frome School founder Guy Wilson. http://fromefreeschool.co.uk/ Best wishes to Guy and his start-up group as they open a Sudbury school in the United Kingdom!) After seven hours of traffic jams and motorways,

A Recent Visitor's Blog

For the month of January, Fairhaven School hosted Monika Wernz, a visitor from a startup Sudbury school group in Munich. From the beginning, we have welcomed visitors from all over the world to our campus. On the one hand, we

A Live Animal Show: How Fairhaven School Sometimes Works

Two months ago, C., a twelve-year-old student, obtained permission from School Meeting to volunteer every Thursday at the nearby Clearwater Nature Center in pursuit of his Junior Naturalist certification. Two weeks ago, as a component of his training, he co-hosted

The Case For An Alternative To Schooling As We Know It

Understanding Fairhaven School often involves what we do. To name but a few things I’ve seen this week, students here have been spending their days creating, playing, thinking, debating, reading, writing, running, dancing, swinging, acting, voting, drumming, climbing, and drawing.

Luminous Debris

The best book I read in 2010 (and one I’ve used in my Creative Writing class here at school) might just be expatriate poet Gustaf Sobin’s essay collection Luminous Debris: Reflecting On Vestige In Provence And Languedoc. In it the

Sudbury Valley's New Video

In the latest installment in its forty-three effort to explain and promote the Sudbury model of education, our colleagues at Sudbury Valley School have produced a new video. It is lovely, and features a student named Ben whose thesis defense

Beware: Adult Content (Guest Post)

This post by Shoshona London Sappir appeared on the blog of Michael Sappir, a graduate of the Jerusalem Sudbury School. (Michael writes often on issues of education at http://sappir.net.) A few years ago my husband and I attended a lecture

From The Scientific American 150 Years Ago

Some things don’t change. In an era of increasing homework, we are buoyed by this this quotation from 1860 reprinted as part of The Scientific American’s 50/100/150 feature: Against Homework “A child who has been boxed up six hours in

Pictures From Halloween 2010

Here are a whole batch of pictures from our Halloween party. Current students, alumni, and staff are represented. Enjoy!

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