Self-Directed Learning Leads To Student-Directed Play

Last month, Fairhaven School’s Theatre Corp produced “A Simpler Time.” A smashing success, the play ran for two nights and ended up turning a profit. For most of our twenty-two years, the student-run, democratic Theatre Corp has been staging plays, and these are wonderful examples of how the school works. We caught up with director Sam. At fourteen, he’s younger than most of his cast.

What made you decide to direct a play?

I had been in a lot of plays here, and I wondered whether I’d be a better director than actor. I saw (fellow student) Eva direct, so I thought, ‘maybe I can do this.’ I thought about it for a long time, then I went to Theatre Corp to pitch “A Simpler Time.” They voted in favor, and they were super helpful with organizing and when problems came up.


How did you like the experience?

I really enjoyed directing. It was hard in the beginning, but all the actors were very good. Towards the end, it was fun because we got in a groove.

What did you like most about directing? The least?

The best part of the experience was the payoff! After two months of hard work, everything just clicked. I loved the feeling on opening night when the cast went on stage, and I got to watch. There were also these moments during rehearsal when we could just have fun. Of course, I was very booked up by the play for a few months, so not much free time. Also, not knowing everything would come together can be very stressful.

How did being a director in a Sudbury school affect the experience?

Directing a play at Fairhaven School is amazing because it’s just me directing, not a teacher. The people involved have other commitments, like J.C., but we all have the same goal. Also, I collaborated a lot with the cast. I think that’s easy at Fairhaven. If they had an idea, we might try it, but I had to shoot down some ideas, too. People speak their minds here, and we’re tight knit, but sometimes I had to be the director and say no. The best feeling is always when you’re done! We have a great time, and we always celebrate when it’s over by going to IHOP. It’s a Theatre Corp tradition. It’s like, ‘finally, I don’t have to be that character anymore.’


What’s next for you in Theatre Corp?

I am planning on directing again. I have a play in mind, and I think I have a co-director. Of course, it’s up to Theatre Corp.


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