Sudbury Valley's new bookstore is online

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For fifteen years , we at Fairhaven School have relied on the voluminous writings and videos from the Sudbury Press. For forty-two years, students at Sudbury Valley School (SVS) have been free to spend their time as they choose, and have had to take responsibility for their choices and lives. Just like at Fairhaven, the young people of Sudbury Valley have been playing, thinking, and learning on a lovely, dynamic campus. Almost from the beginning, people at SVS have been documenting the school’s philosophy and history. Although we did release our first book two years ago (Like Water), we still rely heavily on Sudbury Press materials.

From the day our school founders group opened its first SVS “Startup Kit” full of books, cassette tapes, and a management manual, we knew we were going to become a viable school. Their follow-up studies of graduates alone have proven invaluable through the years. Yes, the school is a wonderful, arresting idea, but, as the expression goes, the proof is in the pudding.

Now there are DVDs and CDs of Sudbury Valley School  alumni. Who are they? What do they do? How do they connect their years at SVS with their adult lives? Their material has been priceless for us, and has inspired our Public Relations  Committee to one day compile our own alumni information.

All of this is to say: check out Sudbury Valley’s new bookstore.They’re even having a sale to celebrate!

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