"The Up Side of Down" author speaks at Fairhaven School

The PR Committee  at Fairhaven School has been noticing how may authors and thinkers in our society are writing about ideas that align with the practices and principles upon which we have founded the school. In that spirit. on Friday, April 25th, Megan McArdle, Bloomberg Review blogger and author of the recent book “The Up Side of Down,” spoke in the Chesapeake Room at Fairhaven School. Megan’s compelling thesis in the book is that people learn best from failure, and that both the current educational system and shifts in parenting appear to be undermining this critical process of growth and development.

Parents, staff and students enjoyed the talk and asked numerous questions. Thanks again to  Ms. McArdle for her time and her provocative, delightful presentation. We recommend her book, and we look forward to hosting similar events in the future!

For your review, here is a recent post from Megan’s blog:

“I’m on the road this week, giving talks on my new book about learning to fail better: that is, first, to give ourselves the permission to take on challenges where we might very well fail; second, to pick ourselves up as quickly as possible and move on when things don’t work out. This is, I argue, vital on a personal level, as well as vital for the economy, because that’s where innovation and growth come from. Read More

Author Megan McArdle speaks in the Chesapeake Room at Fairhaven School.
Author Megan McArdle speaks in the Chesapeake Room at Fairhaven School.

Fairhaven School Staff

April, 2014


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