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I’ve been going through all my photos from this year while helping out with the yearbook. I came across several that I neglected to post anywhere during the year that represent well the interesting and amazing things that go on at Fairhaven School. First, some from the Art Room. I love to watch these students work!

EOY 0a

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The Rainbow Loom was BIG this year. Many students got so immersed in this activity that they bought their own looms, bands, etc. and they could be found all over campus working diligently on their bracelets and then evolving into other items like small animals, flowers, etc. Their work soon filled large plastic baggies, and some were for sale or given away. The perseverance they took to continue to work on this endeavor for months was fascinating and typical of Fairhaven students. They became quite proficient and continually pushed themselves to get better at making them, challenging themselves to try more and more advanced and complicated creations.

EOY blog pics2aEOY blog pics2b

From the Chesapeake Room, witness a similar ongoing pursuit in more physical areas. The amazing feats of strength and coordination in acrobatics, gymnastics, yoga, and parkour seem to be done just for the fun of it, and maybe out of a desire to achieve more than they could do the day before. It’s inspiring.

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EOY blog pics1a

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One week, the Computer Room was closed. The regulars from there that particularly love Minecraft didn’t let that stop them. They went around the corner into the Kid Nook and did some Minecraft LARPing (live action role playing), complete with cubical animal pens, gardens, and buildings made out of sofa cushions. Typical Fairhaven School: engineering, creativity, and cooperation.

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In the fall the gorgeous colorful leaves inspired some of us to create Andy Goldsworthy-type art. Goldsworthy seems to be a favorite around Fairhaven, as his messages of embracing and acknowledging impermanence and change seem to align with our community.

EOY blog pics4a



EOY blog pics4b

More dedication to a goal: several students spent hours upon hours making these tiny origami stars. Their goal was to make 100, and they persisted until they reached their goal, along the way teaching others (including me) who were intrigued by their pursuit.

EOY blog pics5EOY blog pics5b

EOY blog pics5c

I love to learn from and with these students, and it’s always exciting to see where their interests take them. It’s hard to believe this year is over, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next year!


Beth Williams

June, 2014

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