article features students from Sudbury Valley School

Below is a link to an article on CNN that features Sudbury Valley school staff and alumni.

Be advised, like most articles about Sudbury schooling, an expert is quoted expressing concerns with the model, specifically the concern with “chaos” and how “the world is going to need things” from our students. Rest assured, our campus is generally less chaotic than traditional schools, and our students do just fine in the world! But don’t take my word for it. As usual with quotations from alumni from our schools, the students articulate the model wonderfully.

(Finally, although the article conflates Sudbury schooling with “unschooling,” the two are in actuality quite different enterprises. Fairhaven School is rigorous, democratic, and structured. The only similarity with unschooling (as far as I understand the approach) is the absence of a compulsory curriculum.)

Mark McCaig

Fairhaven School

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