Mary White (Brewer)


“I’ve been part of Fairhaven School from day one. I was a member of a founding family…I’ve had the freedom to decide how to spend my days for most of my life. This means that I was in charge of my education. To most parents this may seem like a risky move but my parents really believed in the school and trusted me to make the right choices. I’m so glad that my parents took that risk. Not being forced to take classes and have homework made me want to have classes and I chose whether or not I had homework. Because this was my decision I would really pay attention and learn a lot.” “Being JC Clerk kept me informed with what’s happening at school; it tested my patience and my ability to keep order when fifteen different people would try to say what happened all at the same time. After running some of those three-hour long meetings I know how tedious it can be, however, I gained a clear understanding of the democratic system. I learned how to weigh arguments and make fair decisions. I believe this is very important when dealing with people and making decisions in my everyday adult life.” “Attending School Meeting and being involved in heated arguments taught me how to get my point across, and stand up for what I believe in.”