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For the month of January, Fairhaven School hosted Monika Wernz, a visitor from a startup Sudbury school group in Munich. From the beginning, we have welcomed visitors from all over the world to our campus. On the one hand, we want to support growth and awareness of the Sudbury approach to education. On the other hand, visitors who understand the model are a gift to our community, enriching all of our lives.  As usual, Fairhaven  School families generously hosted Monika for the month.

For several months, Monika has visited numerous schools Sudbury and democratic schools across the globe, and she has been posting photos and text via her blog. Although the text is in German, her photos are stunning, and I encourage you to check them out!


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Monika plans to compile her photos and writings in a book as a promotional tool not only for her nascent school, but also as a boon to all of the Sudbury schools. To that end, Fairhaven School’s PR Committee voted to approve the use of Fairhaven School photos in her project. We look forward to seeing the book in the near future.

Many thanks for visiting, Monika, and good luck with your school!

Mark McCaig

February, 2011

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