A Live Animal Show: How Fairhaven School Sometimes Works

Showing students a snake.

Two months ago, C., a twelve-year-old student, obtained permission from School Meeting to volunteer every Thursday at the nearby Clearwater Nature Center in pursuit of his Junior Naturalist certification. Two weeks ago, as a component of his training, he co-hosted a live animal demonstration in the Chesapeake Room with his supervisor.

He and the school are thrilled that we have the flexibility to allow him to pursue this passion as part of his education. We also appreciate C. and the Nature Center for sharing their animals and expertise with the school. Our students sat in rapt attention for nearly two hours as C. and his supervisor showed us a screech owl, a red-shouldered hawk, a black snake, a milk snake, a toad, a lizard, and a hissing cockroach.  Their patience with our questions was exemplary. Afterward, our guest commented on the quality of the questions our students asked.

…and a lizard.

Sometimes, the unique quality of Fairhaven School can be difficult to convey, and has to be seen and heard to be believed. Just like live animals…

Our naturalist guest and C. compare snakes.

Mark McCaig

February, 2011

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