The Case For An Alternative To Schooling As We Know It

Understanding Fairhaven School often involves what we do. To name but a few things I’ve seen this week, students here have been spending their days creating, playing, thinking, debating, reading, writing, running, dancing, swinging, acting, voting, drumming, climbing, and drawing. (See the earlier post linking to Sudbury Valley School’s new video or the many previous posts to learn more about what we do.)

Nevertheless, understanding our approach can also include a fresh look at what we don’t do. Below is a link to a video outlining Sir Ken Robinson’s analysis of the current educational climate, including the origins of compulsory schooling, the ADHD “epidemic,” and the centrality of creativity and collaboration in successful schools. We offer it as another building block in understanding Fairhaven School. Enjoy.

Mark McCaig

February, 2011

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